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  • I’m working on new typefaces for Mass-Driver’s catalogue, along with maintaining the website and working on custom type/graphic design commissions. Also updating Nichrome, a work-in-progress released through Future Fonts.
  • I have a number of internal tools at MD for working with fonts, and I’m working on porting some of these to run in a browser. Ultimately I want to make them public for other foundries and designers to use.
  • I’m trying to cook more, and to use recipes less. I’d like to better understand the ingredients and flavours I use, and how they interact with each other. (Yes, I am turning dinner into a systems design exercise.)
  • Getting back into PC gaming after a 2-year hiatus. Games are such a unique medium for worldbuilding, and their ability to tell stories through things like graphic design and environment art is something I’d love to expand my work into.