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SpaceX Posters

Just about every child dreams of becoming an astronaut at some point. I never stopped. After Elon Musk's Mars architecture speech in late 2016, I could barely sleep for excitement.

Based on that speech, and its accompanying video, I produced these posters featuring SpaceX's in-development Interplanetary Transporter. They're set in my typeface, M74.


Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity: The manned Interplanetary Spaceship is propelled into Earth orbit by a reusable booster vehicle, which will later return home for refuelling and relaunch.

Journey to Mars

Interplanetary: The spaceship coasts through the cosmic expanse, until, three months after leaving our pale blue dot, it reaches mars.


New Sky: The spaceship touches down on the Martian surface. Here it will stay for two more years, refuelling from the Martian atmosphere before returning to Earth.

Take a look at the typeface these posters are set in, M74, or some of my other print work.