This is the first rebuild of my website since February 2020, which I think is a new record for me. After starting my studio that month, the amount of time I could dedicate to any kind of personal web presence was limited — now, as my work begins to settle into a rhythm, I think it’s time to rekindle that fire.

This post serves to introduce the latest iteration of this website, created with my own static site builder, Keelback. The tool is designed to make organising pages and categories as frictionless as possible, and to serve as a flexible platform on which to grow this site as a memex.

Unlike previous versions, which have focused on showcasing a portfolio of my commercial work, this one is intended to be a purely personal endeavour. My goal is to build it into a repository for all kinds of information and reference, not only for myself, but for everyone.

It’s also designed with resilience and accessibility in mind: it uses mostly semantic HTML, works with CSS disabled, and uses no JavaScript anywhere. That’s not to say it’s perfect, but it’s an improvement.

To begin with, I’m simply posting what content I have, rather than waiting until I finish migrating everything from previous versions. Better done than perfect. So, on that note: hello, world.