Battalion Mono is a work-in-progress typeface.

Taking its name from the regimented, uniform appearance of soldiers and of monospace letters, Battalion is a wide typeface with grotesque influences. It's mostly feature-complete for Roman, but I'm in the process of adding italics and support for more languages prior to eventual release.

The Cyrillic character set is currently a rough draft, but I'm hoping to extend and finalise it.

This website is currently using Battalion as its main text typeface. How's it looking so far? Please let me know if anything seems amiss.

  • Metrics: OK
  • Uppercase: OK
  • Lowercase: OK
  • Small Caps: OK
  • Common Symbols: OK
  • Western European: Supported
  • Central European: In Progress
  • Cyrillic: Hiatus*
  • Bold: Planned
  • Light: Planned
  • Italic: In Progress

*I'm looking for native readers of Cyrillic to help provide feedback on Battalion's glyphs. Please get in touch if you fit that description and can spare a few minutes.