SpaceX posters


To space, in style.

Just about every child dreams of becoming an astronaut at some point. I never stopped. After Elon Musk's Mars architecture speech in late 2016, I could barely sleep for excitement.

Based on that speech, and its accompanying video, I produced these posters featuring SpaceX's in-development Interplanetary Transporter. They're set in an early version of my typeface, M74.

Escape Velocity

The manned Interplanetary Spaceship is propelled into Earth orbit by a reusable booster vehicle, which will later return home for refuelling and relaunch.


The spaceship coasts through the cosmic expanse, until, three months after leaving our pale blue dot, it reaches Mars.

New Sky

The spaceship touches down on the Martian surface. Here it will stay for two more years, refuelling from the Martian atmosphere before returning to Earth.