Algorithmic art


A series of procedurally-generated images.


Pseudocellular networks produced by simulating a number of 2D 'cells' which each want to move a certain distance away from each other. They push apart until reaching this minimum distance, or until one undergoes 'mitosis' (spawns another cell).


This network functions almost the same as the above cells, except the force at which the 'cells' push each other decreases when they are close together, meaning they can cluster. The cells still exist, but instead of being drawn as circles, they are visualised by the connections between each other.

Stellar Atlas

A map of stars, with some promising sites for exploration. This is entirely 2D, with the illusion of depth produced by multiplying the motion by each star's 'parallax' value.

Ideographic writing

I'm fascinated by pictographic and ideographic writing systems. This was my first algorithmic work, and later developed into the Monochromatic project, which goes into more detail about how it works.

Runic writing

Some more handwritten pieces, taking influence from northern European and Tolkienic runes alike. A small noise factor is incorporated into the plots, which approximates some of the shakiness of a human hand.

Divergent Strata

A series of near-parallel vertical lines drawn with steadily decreasing accuracy.